Apple-Cheese-Jalapeño Scones

Breakfast food is pretty much the best food ever. Not only is it always good for breakfast (obvs), it’s good for brunch, lunch, dinner, and a pre-bedtime snack. Bacon and eggs for dinner? Of course. Pancakes for lunch? Heck yes! And my 10pm viewing of Chelsea Lately usually comes with a box of Kashi and a cup of tea. So though this recipe makes six good-sized scones, they’re usually gone in two days because I eat them for every meal. Because that’s how I roll with tasty, tasty breakfast food. (Also, with cake.)


Cake Two: S'mores Cake

All over the Internets this week, people have been getting amped about fall. I’m totally with those people – fall is awesome, if not only for the fact that it’s in the lower-90s now and not breaking 100° every single day. And while foliage, football, and freshly sharpened pencils are great, they just can’t compare to my favorite thing about the autumnal season: fall TV premieres.

I’ll say it, I love TV. Not only is it mindlessly entertaining and perfect for my limited attention span, but having new shows to watch again is how I finally remember what day it is. Seriously, in the summer I just sort of wander through the work week knowing only that it’s a day that I have to be at work, but not what that day actually is. Suddenly, fall TV is back, and I know that because New Girl is on tonight, it must be Tuesday. Did I watch Community last night? Then sweet deal! It’s Friday! And tonight, it’s the Emmys, so it’s only appropriate that I celebrate the start of an epic TV week with a TV-inspired cake.


Orange Cardamom Cookies

Saturday night! Date night! Sa-tur-day night! (No plans, huh? Not-a-one!)

Scratch that. I do have plans. I have a date with Adam Scott, and we’re going to Party Down.

In going through Netflix’s streaming collection the other day, I came up on Party Down, a show that has been recommended to me several times before. Little did I know, it stars Adam Scott, who is also on Parks & Rec, and who I might have developed a new celeb crush on. If I had been told he was in this, I would have watched this show WAY sooner.

To top off my night of TV watching, I decided to take a legit pass at a cookie recipe that I made last Thursday. Because I was too impatient/lazy, I didn’t give these cookies the care they deserved during that first round. They were delicious anyway, and I figured they would be fantastic if I actually put effort into making them. Well, they are, and they are perfect with my Sleepytime Vanilla Tea.

Tea + cookies + good TV = quiet Saturday night FTW.


Cheesy Biscuits

Not so far from my apartment, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies are playing their first football game of the season. For a couple hours this afternoon, I watched a sea of maroon flow towards the stadium as I sipped ice-cold beers from the air-conditioned 11th Floor of Rudder Tower (aka, The University Club). Let me tell you, that’s the way to tailgate when it’s 100 degrees out. Sadly, the buffet wasn’t entirely my jam (except for the cookies and brownies, obvs), so I needed to whip up a snack to soak up the aforementioned beer that’s sloshing around in my belly. These cheesy biscuits are EXACTLY what I need to accomplish that task, and they’re easy enough that I can even make them when I’m feeling… sloshy. And the game? Oh, I don’t know. Tickets are expensive and I would rather watch Kardashian re-runs anyway.