Pumpkin Pie

Ok, I feel like I haven’t gotten creative with recipes lately. But to be honest, I’ve been trying out a lot of things that are new to me, and I am slowly learning the lesson that I don’t want to tweak any recipes of dishes that I’m unfamiliar with. Sorry, but this recipe is no different. As the second pie on my list and a Thanksgiving classic, there’s just not a chance I’m going to screw around with this thing the first time out. Get real.

This reasoning was probably for the best – I tasted the pie and it was… fine… but I could definitely tell that I messed up the crust. Luckily, I can pinpoint where I went wrong, and now I know to be super careful about adding too much water. Lesson learned! No worries though, the whole thing still got eaten. It wasn’t like I substituted water for poison or anything, it’s still dessert and it belongs in my belly.

The crust is from Dorie Greenspan (I’ll definitely use it again, CORRECTLY), and the filling is one I found on Cookie Madness. This was a good first-try pumpkin pie, minimal effort, came together pretty quickly, so next time I’ll try one of those crazy recipes that requires excessive straining. 

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