Lemony Chess Pie

I am determined to get good at making pies this fall. I have made a couple before, and they never really turned out that well. Usually, filling sloshes over to the floor or things just don’t turn out that pretty, but with my luck with cut-out cookies, I feel like I got this.

I made a list of ten pies to make before Thanksgiving, and my first one up is Chess Pie. Admittedly, I didn’t know what this pie was until a couple days before I made it, but once I investigated, I knew it would be a great one to start with. Simple crust, simple ingredients, and not only does it taste good, you get to use your best Southern accent when you tell people what it is (“It’s jes’ pie!”). Bonus, Homesick Texan totally had it in her book/on her website, so I knew I would be getting this from a great source. It came out really well, and this version tasted quite a bit like lemon bars in pie form. Never, ever a bad thing.

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