Halloween Cookies

I always love decorating cookies for whatever holiday is coming up, but this is one of those activities where I just let others take care of setting up and I have all the fun. The one time I tried to make cut-out cookies in the past, I just used refrigerated sugar cookie dough and it was kind of a spread-out mess. But really, if all of these other people can make normal cookies in fun cut-out shapes for my decorating enjoyment, is it really THAT hard to get them to come out right? No, it’s not that hard. I just have to follow directions and not “wing it” the first time I try to do something new.

Anyway, I found this recipe on Cookie Madness that promised to be no-fail all around. I followed the directions, and guess what. No fail. It’s a pretty basic recipe so I’ll be interested to see if there’s something out there to jazz up the flavor and sweetness a bit more, but my co-worker and I had such a lovely afternoon of chatting and decorating these little guys in celebration of the most awesomest of holidays. And now, with all of my cut-out cookie confidence, I can’t wait to make another batch for Christmas, because there’s nothing quite so satisfying as slowly dismembering a gingerbread man.

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